Our Process

Our Mission

At Wealth Financial Resources, LLC, we specialize in protecting and building legacies across generations which are specifically customized to the needs of each individual or entity through education and implementation of premium products from a superior company. We want you to be well-educated on the various solutions we provide to meet your financial needs.

What do we do?

You've heard the saying here today, gone tomorrow?

Well today we ensure you live out your goals, dreams , and aspirations without the fear of running out of money and when tomorrow comes, your name will live on through the legacies provided to your love ones for years to come.

How do we do this?

Discovery- Start with open and honest communication to assess your values and goals to see if working together makes sense. Get a clear picture of your needs, assets, liabilities, and risk tolerance (like going to the doctor: the more we know the more accurate our recommendations can be)

Assess- Once we have established your goals, we look at where you are in relation to them.  How much progress have you made and what is required to close the gap if any? 

Prioritize- Order your goals based on their importance.  Which objective is most pressing to you and the timeline to reach it?

Educate/RecommendDiscuss the solutions that will meet the goals and timelline established.

ImplementationPut the agreed upon strategy into action. 

ReviewPeriodically check in to make sure our strategy stays on track. Make any necessary adjustments and account for any new life events.